A list of wonderful things that happened to me today.

1. I finally got my schedule changed

Do you guys understand how amazing this is? I finally got of of chemistry. Sure, technically, I’m still failing the classes where my grades got transferred over to, but I can make them up fine.
2. I got put into Astronomy and Theater

One, astronomy is interesting as fuck and I like it. There’s a test tomorrow and the teacher said that if I do good on it, he’ll take it for a grade and if not, then I’ll just wait until the next test.Two, I haven’t taken theater since 7th grade. I’m excited.
3. I found out that I actually walk at least a mile everyday

My school is 1/4 across and I’m walking all over that thing all day. Now I don’t feel as bad that I don’t work out. I get it during my walking between classes. And 1 mile is just for what I can manage to sum up. It’s probably closer to 2 miles.
4. I’m going to my best friend’s/lover’s/wife (yes these are 3 different people) homecoming

I haven’t seen these people in like 2 years. It’s been FOREVER. And I get to see them in 10 days. Not only that, but because it’s so far away, I’m spending the night at my lover’s house and having crazy anal sex with lube and glow-in-the-dark condoms friend’s house and won’t get picked up until the next night. I’m freakishly excited. I don’t even have to buy a dress because I already have one.
5. I got Chickfilla (I don’t even know how to spell that. Bear with me)

I haven’t had it in like 5 years. It’s been a while. I’m a smiling freak. It was really good.
Yea, ok. That’s it. Just my wonderful rant about the world.

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