This is an appreciation post to my favorite guy in the world.

Do you know that you are the first person who has blatantly called me beautiful before? Sure, my girlfriends have called me pretty. But we’re girls, we have to do that to keep our self esteems up. But You are pretty awesome. Even during those times where I can’t find a reason to stop crying because the whole world has fallen apart in my hands and is slipping through my fingers like sand, you find a way to make me smile again. I can be as stupid and weird and loud around you and you seem to enjoy it. I can’t be anyone else but myself around you. And it’s a little weird because we’ve only known each other for what, two years? There are people that I have known for half my life and they still don’t know who I really am. I act a certain way around them because there’s just something that tells me that they won’t like the person I have become. I am no longer the girl they met back in elementary school. But even if you had met me way back then and progressed through all my changes, there is not a doubt in my mind that you would still be there. And even these last two years. They’ve been pretty tough on me and you’ve been there when I’ve allowed you in. There is no awkward with us. We can talk about anything (mostly we talk about sex but that’s because you want me. It’s not my fault you can’t resist this boday!).

So I have an entire post for you. I swear, you will stay in my life forever. I don’t care if you move to New York or whatever and I end up living in the fucking South Pole, we will still talk until the days of forever. I love you man.

(I don’t know why I just wrote all this by the way. I already wrote one about Carmen, and you deserve one as well.)